My Family

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

I am so very blessed. I stand in amazement almost every day as I look at my family and everything else around me that God has blessed me with. There was a day when I never thought that I would be in this place. It is only by the grace of God...

So last night Pete and I celebrated Valentines Day. It wasn't anything fancy, a home cooked meal, a movie on tv and a quiet house. It was very nice hanging out just the two of us. We have been needing this time together lately...our hectic lives have been wearing on us both. So after our wonderful night alone we picked the kids up this afternoon and took them to lunch at the Roadhouse Grill, YUM!! Then we all went bowling, which was a BLASt!! Ryan actually bowled 2 strikes....the bumpers helped his overall score, but had nothing to do with the strikes. He amazes me everyday...they all amaze me everyday. I am thankful for days like these, the memories that they create, the things that they remind us of, and the closeness that they bring within the family. I couldn't have asked for a better day! To my husband and my kids...I love you guys more than I will ever be able to put into words...everyday you guys make me want to be at my best!