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Sunday, December 13, 2009

1 Month Old Today

Today Emily is 1 month old. This month has flown by so quickly. We have truly been blessed by your presence! You are such a mellow baby and a snuggle bug!! :)

Your first month has been pretty easy going:

  • You LOVE to be held, especially by mommy!

  • You are just now getting into 0-3 month clothes

  • You wake up at 3:00 am to eat...that's it!

  • You look SO cute in big bows...although sometimes you try to pull them off your head

  • You are holding your head up so much now

  • You love your Moby

You are a very big blessing in our lives and we LOVE you so much!! Happy 1 month bday Emily!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ryan's first day of 1st grade and Skyler's first day of 5th grade...

Today was the day. They all went off to school. Ryan was so excited, he woke up early and couldn't wait to get ready and head off to school. Skyler was a little hesitant, but had a positive attitude. When we picked them up they were both ready and excited to tell us about their day. Ryan had a lot of fun, made some new friends and really likes his teacher. He said that today was kinda hard because at the end of the day he was really hungry. I am so thankful that was the hardest part of his day! Skyler had a great day she is looking forward to going back tomorrow! Praise the Lord!!! We have been blessed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My baby is in the 8th grade...

My little girl isn't a little girl anymore...she actually hasn't been for a while, but sometimes I like to live in denial! She looked so cute when she went of to school this morning. She was confident and ready. When we were driving to school I asked her where she wanted me to drop her off and she said "In the back of the school please"...FINE, LOL! So I drove to the back of the school and there was a line of cars dropping kids could definately tell which ones were the parents of 7th graders because they wouldn't leave. They sat there and watched their child walk all the way across campus...some were crying. It's a big day I remember from last year. So my daughter asks me why they aren't moving and I explain it to her. She looks at me and she says "You aren't going to do that right mom?" with a look of worry on her face. I laughed and said "Aahh come on don't you want me to sit here and watch you walk across campus?" She quickly said "NO" So out of the truck she went and I rolled the window down and yelled out the window "Bye honey, mommy loves you!!" and she just laughed at me and rolled her eyes then went off to school. I love my Ziggy she is the best!! I love her personality and her confidence (at times when she shows it) and I mostly love the way she doesn't really mind when I try to embarass her, but rather takes it in stride and knows I love her!!

Family Fun

Yesterday my in-laws came over. We don't get together often enough, but when we do we always have fun. The kids played on the slip n slide and ran around making a mess with all of our toys ( which is what they are for...right?).

My son and my nephew put on their chef hats and made us all desert. They both LOVE to be in the kitchen!

Pete's grandmother came over along with his sister and her husband and their two kids and my mother-in-law and father-in-law. My mother-in-law did most of the cooking, Pete helped with cooking and did a LOT of the clean up which was really nice because I have been SO uncomfortable lately and yesterday was really bad. All and all it was a nice day and I am so happy to have a good relationship with them. It took some time to develope, but it sure is good now!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today was one of the longest and most emotionally painful days I have experienced as a mother. My poor Zayna has a staph infection in her leg. Lord only knows how she got it. The doctors all say it is so common and they see over 500 cases of it a week, but it was a first and hopefully a last for me. They kept telling me that her case is an extremely small one, but there wasn't anything small about it for Zayna. We first went inot urgent care on Sunday and the doctors at the Pedi Center were horrible. No specific instructions and no eye contact...just "Yup it's staph, put hot compresses on it and give her antibiotics." Thank the Lord I have a friend who is a nurse and has experience with staph infections. I called her up and she gave me the laundry list of how to care for it and keep it from spreading. We were on top of it, but when we woke up today it looked worse. The hole was 3 times the size it was on Sunday and it looked NASTY! I swore I could see tissue. So I took her to Memorial Urgent Care this time and the doctors there were WONDERFUL! We walked in and they took one look at it and said "Well you have cared for it very nicely, but unfortunately we are going to have to drain it and pack it." Now my girlfriend (the nurse) had tried to prepare Zayna and I for this possibility, but you can only prepare someone for so much. The doctor thankfully chose not to lance it because if she had it would have left a larger wound which would have increased the healing time. Instead she squeezed on it like a pimple and it hurt Zayna so badly, but it was necessary. The doctor talked her through the entire thing and was so calm and patient. I have to say that I have NEVER in my life seen anything like it before and had that stuff come out of my daughter at home I would have freaked out and called 911. It wasn't tissue that I was seeing it was the staph and there was a lot of it. She pushed on that thing for a good 5 minutes. When she was done she had to pack it with gauze...which was painful, but not nearly as what had just happened. The doctor crammed almost 6 inches of gauze into Zayna's leg. Thankfully we are done with the worst part and now onto the healing. We go back in tomorrow to have the packing removed and the doctor thinks that it should be almost healed by Friday. I am so proud of Zayna...she was such a trooper today. I couldn't imagine having to go through was bad enough having to watch it. She stayed so still and allowed the doctor to do her job even though she was in extreme pain. She is my new hero and I love her so much!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye my dear friend

Well it happened. This morning Jeffrey Dale Drake Sr. passed away at 4:55 am. I am so sad...sad for myself, sad for his wife, sad for his children. He will be dearly missed! Please God keep him with you and bring his family peace. He was a good friend, husband and father and his wife is an amazing person who most definately does not deserve this. I will miss you Jeff, but I will remember you always and help you live on in our hearts and our memories forever! I know that I still have Andi, Bren, Bekah and Jr. and that is a gift in itself. May you rest in peace my friend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lord Giveth and He Taketh Away...

This was a verse in a song that we sang at MOPS today and when Raquel spoke on it I lost it. My very dear friend Jeff is dying. That is so hard to say. He has a wife, whom I love dearly too, and 3 children, Bren (18), Bekah (14) and Jeffrey Jr (2). We have been friends for a very long time and I always thought he would be around. He's one of those honery types that you assume will outlive anything and everything. Strongwilled and stubborn. And Andi, his wife, is the most sweet, down to earth, loving and patient person you will ever meet. She is amazing. They have always had a complex relationship that would only work between the two of them. They are good together. Jeff is an alcoholic...has been for many years. His liver has failed him and his kidneys have failed him and now they have him on morphine and adavan until the rest shuts down. As of today they have given him 24-48 hours to live. I can't believe that I am losing my friend, and my friend is losing her husband and their kids are losing their father. It's so hard to accept and rationalize. I went to see him the other day and I don't even know if he realized I was there. Did he know it was me? Does he know I love him? Does he know that I will stand by his wife forever? I hope so. It was so hard seeing him just lying there. In so much pain and so incoherent. He is so young, too young to die! This is so unfair. I wish I had some miracle to work....some key to unlock the healing he would need to survive. I feel so helpless. I don't want to lose my friend. I want him here to sit on my couch while we bbq and watch Nascar or Football or do fireworks for the 4th of July. I will miss his laugh, his smile, his sense of humor and all of his stobborness. I love you Jeffrey Dale...I am so happy that I had you as a friend for the time that I did. I hope that you have found God and I hope that you have reconciled with Him. I hope to see you in heaven one day! May God bring you peace my friend.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


my Zayna is 13 today. 13 years ago I was lying in a hospital bed holding the most beautiful and precious gift. I was only 17 and she was only 4 hours old. She came so quickly...she must have already loved me enough to go easy on me! My life had changed and I had NO idea just how much. She was in the hospital for a couple of days and after she was able to come home she had to go back for a couple more. I thought that this was the worst thing in the world. I felt so helpless and I there was NO way I was leaving her at the hospital alone. She was jondice and had to spend 48 hours under UV lights. Once it was all over and I had her home for good we began to settle in. She was the most wonderful baby. She slept through the night from day 1, she never cried...I had to feed her on a schedule because she was so content. She made everything so easy. Teething was a breeze and if she was ever not feeling well the only way I would know was by checking her temp. She grew to be the most content and well behaved a tantrum, not an arguement and she always said please and thank you in the cutest little voice. Zayna has truly been a gift. She has always been a great kid with a great personality and now she is a great teenager!! My first born, my baby. is still so hard for me to believe that she is 13. I remember when this day seemed so far away and before I know she is going to be 18 and out of high school. I am so sad as a mommy that my little girl is growing up so fast yet I am so proud of the young woman she is growing into. Last night we had a party for her and I gave her a promise ring along with a letter from the heart. I will never forget the day she was born or any day there after!!

Dear Zayna,

today is your birthday and I still cannot believe that you are 13 years old. You have grown into an absolutely beautiful teenager!! I know how difficult it can be being a teenage girl. You are venturing into a world of more responsibility, more expectations, more peer pressures and your body and your emotions are changing so fast. The next few years are going to be even more overwhelming, but I know that you can handle them with grace and dignity!! I want you to know that I am always here for you and there isn't a thing that life can bring your way that we cannot face together! I love you with all of my heart. I am giving you this gift that was given to me by Nana and Papa for my 8th grade graduation. Although I am hoping that it will serve a different purpose for you. I would like this gift to serve as your promise to God, to yourself and to me and your dad that you will have enough respect for yourself, your morals and your values and that you will wait for the man that God has set aside just for you. This is a very personal and important decision and if you make the correct one you will be truly rewarded when the time is right. Stay on your path, keep your eyes on your goals and trust and love your family. You will always be my little girl, my baby, but I do understand that you are now a young lady and I respect that. Don't ever forget that nothing will ever change my love for you! You are my heart!! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!



Monday, April 13, 2009

This weekend

was a lot of fun!! Saturday Pete and I took the kids to see Walking with Dinosaurs. It was SO cool!! We studied them the week before so it was our field trip at the end of our lesson. They were very life like!! My in-laws were able to attend with us which is always nice. We love sharing our experiences with them...they are a lot of fun to have around!! Then on Sunday the family came over to our house for Easter. It was gorgeous outside and it was nice having the fam around! The day seemed to fly by and and the evening was nice and quiet. My morning sickness seems to be easing up a little bit which is nice. I still don't feel well, but it's better than what it was!! :) Well...I guess that's it for now.

Friday, April 10, 2009


just need to vent a little bit. I think that it is really sad when people irresponsably plan their lives and expect the other people around them to pick up the pieces!! SERIOUSLY? I know a lot of capable moms out their who juggle SO many different things while taking care of their children. And some who can't seem to wipe their own asses let alone function in life with their kids around. I think that it is sad that other people are manipulated and guilted into assisting these people!! Some things are just unexceptable and I am sick and tired of them interfering with my life. I wish that people would just grow up and put their big girl panties on and handle their crap! Plan responsibly, be considerate and stop making people feel like they have no other option, but to help you take care of your family because it's too hard or because you "can't do it"!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pure Exhaustion

I am so tired with this pregnancy. I am thankful that it's my only complaint, but it sure is hard getting anything done. I don't have the energy to even get out of bed in the morning. I will be thankful when the tiredness passes and I have some energy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blessings from God

I believe that children are truly a blessing from God. I admire those who He has chosen to have children as their ministry. I have prayed for a long time for God to bless us with another child. Although it wasn't really Him who was making the decisions....we didn't feel financially ready to add on to our family. Well...after lots of prayer and 4 years of desiring the expansion of our family and finally putting it in God's hands it is finally happening. I am PREGNANT!!! I love the way that sounds. I was brushing my teeth this morning and started gagging and I couldn't help but laugh and smile. My boobs hurt, I am nauseous throughout the day and I am exhausted and it's all ok with me. I know it's still early, but I am just so thrilled to be pregnant that all of the symptoms are considered blessings. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Meets

Yesterday we went out to Fomoso Raceway for the March Meets. This is the first year that I have EVER been. We had so much fun. It was a great family day and we are definately going back next year. Just thought I would share some of the pics. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Camera Downloads

Now that I can download my camera to the computer again I thought I would post some of the things that I have been making.

Pismo Beach I used to always dream of growing up at the beach and surfing and laying out in the sun all day and then life happened and reality set in. Here we are...years later and I just about have my dream. My parents retired to Pismo 1 1/2 yrs ago and now they manage some apartments 1 block off of the beach. When we visit we stay in one of the empty apartments and we stay as long as we want. My parents had to go out of town for a pool tournament and asked us to apartment/dog sit for them. Hmmm....let me think about it...YES! Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind would turn that down? So for the last 5 days we had been over at the was perfect weather and the kids actually went boogie boarding and were playing outside in their swimsuits. Go figure. We walked along the beach just before sunset and we came across some really neat caves and rocks. My kids turned into rock climbers...I couldn't keep them off!! My father-in-law did what he does best...torment the kids (in a loving way). He got Skyler pretty good. We found this cave and I lured Skyler and Ryan into it and Pops jumped out and scared the snot out of them. It was HILARIOUS!!!! Skyler's reaction was I knew it would be hence the reasont he camera was ready to catch the look on her face!! I love my kiddos...they are the best!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Play Dates

Today was a very nice day. Rossie and her gang came over as well as my sister-in-law with my nephew and niece. My house was buzzing with kids and messes and I couldn't have been happier! I think that today was a symbol of the sad end to play dates with our very dearest of friends Rossie, Gabby, Abraham, Ezra, Tinker Bell and Sophie and perhaps a new beginning to more play dates and another friendship with my sister-in-law. We had a rough start to our relationship...not ideal circumstances. I never thought that there would be a day when we would call each other friends. Over the last 6 years we have grown and we have had an opportunity to get to know each other. Today I found a new friend in my sister-in-law. As I spend more time with her I get to know her better and in that time I realize that she is another woman like me. She is a mom of 2 adorable children, but nonetheless a SAHM of 2 little ones and as we all know that can be trying at times, she is a woman who needs a friend to talk to, a woman who deserves time to herself once or twice a decade, a woman who loves her children and respects her husband, I guess plain and simply a MOM... just like me. We all have our glorious moments and our not so glorious moments...we are moms and that in itself is a sisterhood. I am happy to call her my friend. I love my niece and nephew with all of my heart and I LOVE being an Auntie!!! God works in mysterious ways, but He ALWAYS has His ways!!! I am looking forward to what the future will will only get better from here! So thank you to Rossie, Gabby, Abraham, Ezra, Tinker Bell (Isabelle), Sophie, Jill, Andrew and Samantha for sharing such a wonderful day with me!! I love you all and I am going to dearly miss you Rossie (this is a whole other post)!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

I am so very blessed. I stand in amazement almost every day as I look at my family and everything else around me that God has blessed me with. There was a day when I never thought that I would be in this place. It is only by the grace of God...

So last night Pete and I celebrated Valentines Day. It wasn't anything fancy, a home cooked meal, a movie on tv and a quiet house. It was very nice hanging out just the two of us. We have been needing this time together lately...our hectic lives have been wearing on us both. So after our wonderful night alone we picked the kids up this afternoon and took them to lunch at the Roadhouse Grill, YUM!! Then we all went bowling, which was a BLASt!! Ryan actually bowled 2 strikes....the bumpers helped his overall score, but had nothing to do with the strikes. He amazes me everyday...they all amaze me everyday. I am thankful for days like these, the memories that they create, the things that they remind us of, and the closeness that they bring within the family. I couldn't have asked for a better day! To my husband and my kids...I love you guys more than I will ever be able to put into words...everyday you guys make me want to be at my best!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok, so I am pretty sure that my husband thinks that I got sucked into the sewing machine. I barely poke my head over the top of it anymore. I am having so much fun making dresses and skirts and baby sets and headbands and everything else. I finally got some more pics downloaded to my computer so I just had to post them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dresses and Skirts...

LOVE THEM!!! I finished my first dress today AND I made Skyler a skirt. I am so excited. It feels so very good to make something that is pretty and functional!! I couldn't get my picture of the skirt to come out, but the dress picture came out allright. Pictures DEFINATELY do not do them justice. I can't wait to make another one!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sewing Fun

Ok....I decided that I needed to get a sewing machine and learn how to use it. My next crafting adventure. The moment I mentioned obtaining a sewing machine my friend/neighbor said "I have one...brand new in the box...never been used. YEAH!!! I want it! So she gave it to me and my other friend, Rossie, bless her heart has taught me SO many things in the months that I have known her. She also taught me how to operate my sewing machine as well as giving me lessons on making these beautiful baby sets and a couple of other patterns too. I am so excited to be able to produce such cute stuff!! I am having sew much fun...LOL! Ok so I'm a dork. Anywho just wanted to share. I have more sets, but I can't download anymore pics right now so they will have to wait. THANK YOU ROSSIE!! I also want to say that God has brought me the most amazing sister in Rossie and I am so very blessed each and every day that she is a part of our lives. I don't think that I can ever put into words what her family has brought and continues to bring to mine!! WE LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I am feeling the buzz of spring headed our way. I have been doing little bits of spring cleaning around the house and I needed an overhaul too. I have had too many years in a ponytail. So here it is...the new me for a little while. Let's see how long it is before I cram it into a pony! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

A few weeks ago my husband's attention was caught by a news story about Angel Food Ministries. He called me into the room and replayed it for me (thank goodness for technology, right?). It's a non-profit orginization and they provide groceries at wholesale prices. You get online, place your order and then pick it up. They are able to place a bulk order wich creates a great price for all who participate. There is no grocery store to run, no employees to pay, no overhead. The same groceries that you find in the grocery store. Well...needless to say, after getting online and looking at what they had we placed an order. I ordered 3 boxes (they let you know what is in each box). Today was the designated pick-up day. I went to the Compassionate Christian Center and there were lines EVERYWHERE! No chaos, but lots of people. So we get in line to pick up our order and we waited about an hour...just about half the time I spend in the grocery store. It wasn't a bad wait at all and they were playing really good music that had us all dancing in line and singing God's praise while we waited. We got to the front of the line and a couple of teenage girls about 14 or so escorted us with a shopping cart (donated by Albertsons) around to all the set locations and obtained our groceries for us. Once we were done our cart was checked by another volunteer to ensure that our order was correct. Next the young ladies escorted us to our vehicle, helped us unload our groceries and then returned back with the cart to help someone else. All and all it went very smooth, the people were very pleasant and the music was good. It was THE BEST grocery trip I have ever had. OH YEAH and the groceries...

Today I picked up about $175 in groceries...maybe more, I paid $71. Their website is
Anyone can use this organization!! Next time you are online look up their website and check them out. I am SO excited about what this is going to do for my grocery bill!! Before I got in my car to come home God had put it on my heart to go and let the young gal who was in charge of the program know how smooth things went and to thank her for all she is doing. She was concerned about the wait, but honestly it didn't feel like an hour and if I were to walk into the grocery store and shop for all of those groceries it would have taken twice as long and I would have spent twice as much. She said that they served 2,500 people today and they are looking forward to an even better turn out next month. The more orders, the better the prices. God is blessing us in so many ways and I couldn't wait to share this one.

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