My Family

Friday, April 10, 2009


just need to vent a little bit. I think that it is really sad when people irresponsably plan their lives and expect the other people around them to pick up the pieces!! SERIOUSLY? I know a lot of capable moms out their who juggle SO many different things while taking care of their children. And some who can't seem to wipe their own asses let alone function in life with their kids around. I think that it is sad that other people are manipulated and guilted into assisting these people!! Some things are just unexceptable and I am sick and tired of them interfering with my life. I wish that people would just grow up and put their big girl panties on and handle their crap! Plan responsibly, be considerate and stop making people feel like they have no other option, but to help you take care of your family because it's too hard or because you "can't do it"!!