My Family

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pure Exhaustion

I am so tired with this pregnancy. I am thankful that it's my only complaint, but it sure is hard getting anything done. I don't have the energy to even get out of bed in the morning. I will be thankful when the tiredness passes and I have some energy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blessings from God

I believe that children are truly a blessing from God. I admire those who He has chosen to have children as their ministry. I have prayed for a long time for God to bless us with another child. Although it wasn't really Him who was making the decisions....we didn't feel financially ready to add on to our family. Well...after lots of prayer and 4 years of desiring the expansion of our family and finally putting it in God's hands it is finally happening. I am PREGNANT!!! I love the way that sounds. I was brushing my teeth this morning and started gagging and I couldn't help but laugh and smile. My boobs hurt, I am nauseous throughout the day and I am exhausted and it's all ok with me. I know it's still early, but I am just so thrilled to be pregnant that all of the symptoms are considered blessings. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Meets

Yesterday we went out to Fomoso Raceway for the March Meets. This is the first year that I have EVER been. We had so much fun. It was a great family day and we are definately going back next year. Just thought I would share some of the pics. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Camera Downloads

Now that I can download my camera to the computer again I thought I would post some of the things that I have been making.

Pismo Beach I used to always dream of growing up at the beach and surfing and laying out in the sun all day and then life happened and reality set in. Here we are...years later and I just about have my dream. My parents retired to Pismo 1 1/2 yrs ago and now they manage some apartments 1 block off of the beach. When we visit we stay in one of the empty apartments and we stay as long as we want. My parents had to go out of town for a pool tournament and asked us to apartment/dog sit for them. Hmmm....let me think about it...YES! Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind would turn that down? So for the last 5 days we had been over at the was perfect weather and the kids actually went boogie boarding and were playing outside in their swimsuits. Go figure. We walked along the beach just before sunset and we came across some really neat caves and rocks. My kids turned into rock climbers...I couldn't keep them off!! My father-in-law did what he does best...torment the kids (in a loving way). He got Skyler pretty good. We found this cave and I lured Skyler and Ryan into it and Pops jumped out and scared the snot out of them. It was HILARIOUS!!!! Skyler's reaction was I knew it would be hence the reasont he camera was ready to catch the look on her face!! I love my kiddos...they are the best!!