My Family

Monday, August 24, 2009

My baby is in the 8th grade...

My little girl isn't a little girl anymore...she actually hasn't been for a while, but sometimes I like to live in denial! She looked so cute when she went of to school this morning. She was confident and ready. When we were driving to school I asked her where she wanted me to drop her off and she said "In the back of the school please"...FINE, LOL! So I drove to the back of the school and there was a line of cars dropping kids could definately tell which ones were the parents of 7th graders because they wouldn't leave. They sat there and watched their child walk all the way across campus...some were crying. It's a big day I remember from last year. So my daughter asks me why they aren't moving and I explain it to her. She looks at me and she says "You aren't going to do that right mom?" with a look of worry on her face. I laughed and said "Aahh come on don't you want me to sit here and watch you walk across campus?" She quickly said "NO" So out of the truck she went and I rolled the window down and yelled out the window "Bye honey, mommy loves you!!" and she just laughed at me and rolled her eyes then went off to school. I love my Ziggy she is the best!! I love her personality and her confidence (at times when she shows it) and I mostly love the way she doesn't really mind when I try to embarass her, but rather takes it in stride and knows I love her!!