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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

A few weeks ago my husband's attention was caught by a news story about Angel Food Ministries. He called me into the room and replayed it for me (thank goodness for technology, right?). It's a non-profit orginization and they provide groceries at wholesale prices. You get online, place your order and then pick it up. They are able to place a bulk order wich creates a great price for all who participate. There is no grocery store to run, no employees to pay, no overhead. The same groceries that you find in the grocery store. Well...needless to say, after getting online and looking at what they had we placed an order. I ordered 3 boxes (they let you know what is in each box). Today was the designated pick-up day. I went to the Compassionate Christian Center and there were lines EVERYWHERE! No chaos, but lots of people. So we get in line to pick up our order and we waited about an hour...just about half the time I spend in the grocery store. It wasn't a bad wait at all and they were playing really good music that had us all dancing in line and singing God's praise while we waited. We got to the front of the line and a couple of teenage girls about 14 or so escorted us with a shopping cart (donated by Albertsons) around to all the set locations and obtained our groceries for us. Once we were done our cart was checked by another volunteer to ensure that our order was correct. Next the young ladies escorted us to our vehicle, helped us unload our groceries and then returned back with the cart to help someone else. All and all it went very smooth, the people were very pleasant and the music was good. It was THE BEST grocery trip I have ever had. OH YEAH and the groceries...

Today I picked up about $175 in groceries...maybe more, I paid $71. Their website is
Anyone can use this organization!! Next time you are online look up their website and check them out. I am SO excited about what this is going to do for my grocery bill!! Before I got in my car to come home God had put it on my heart to go and let the young gal who was in charge of the program know how smooth things went and to thank her for all she is doing. She was concerned about the wait, but honestly it didn't feel like an hour and if I were to walk into the grocery store and shop for all of those groceries it would have taken twice as long and I would have spent twice as much. She said that they served 2,500 people today and they are looking forward to an even better turn out next month. The more orders, the better the prices. God is blessing us in so many ways and I couldn't wait to share this one.


Rossie said...

SOoooooo exciting...I will be with you in the pick-up next month. I'm bummed that I missed out! Oh I can't wait!!
_Rossie ;)

Anonymous said...

I found your site through a friend's and just wanted to let you know that they also offer prepared meals (10 meals for $28). I bought them for Christmas for my grandparents who are no longer able to cook. They just heat them up and serve, and my grandparents say they're great (much better than the frozen foods at the grocery store). When I picked up the people were very nice and so organized! (Sorry, just wanted to put in the info about the prepared meals!)

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

i saw this on the news and was wondering how the food was! how cool i may try next month!