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Friday, January 23, 2009

First Blog I FINALLY did it. I set up my blog. Just in time too. I actually have something to blog about. My son has been sick for about a week with the same thing that everyone else in this town is sick with right now. Wednesday morning he started complaining of his ear hurting. His first complaint came after he cleaned his ears out with a q-tip so I thought maybe he just put the q-tip in too far or something and it would go away. By the end of Wed. he was in tears and holding his ear saying that it hurt really bad. He has been sick with a cough so I knew that all of the fluid build up had made it to his ears and he had a double ear infection. I felt this panic run through me because it has been years since I have had a child sick with an infection, usually we just get the run of the mill colds. I immediately got on the phone with my doctor's office and tried to make him an appointment. They didn't have any available and told me to take him to urget care, but that I would be looking at about a 6 hour wait. WHAT?!? 6 hours? You must be joking. In that moment I realized that I wasn't asking the right person for help. In the middle of the Charter School, with my son in my arms crying and in pain I got down on my knees, held my son tight and prayed. Now I am a reborn Christian, but recently reborn and prayer has been hard for me. This was a big step for me personally. I turned everything over and asked God to help me. I asked him to calm Ryan and to bring me peace in a solution to my son's ear aches. Ryan calmed down and we left the Charter School and headed straight for Cone's Health Foods. When Ryan was 8 months old he had an ear infection that wouldn't go away and the doctors wanted to put him under and put tubes in his ears. We told them absolutely NO WAY! We had researched natural remedies and found that garlic oil is good for ear infections so we bought some. His ear infection was gone in 2 days and he had no more problems with ear infections until Wednesday. So I went into Cone's looking for old faithful and they now have a child's ear oil that has anti-fungal oils and pain relieving oils in it. I bought it and I bought him some motrin as well to help. I gave him the motrin a couple of time through Wednesday and through that night, but when he woke up Thursday most of the pain was gone so we just kept up with the ear oil. Here we are Friday morning and his ear infections are GONE!! LOVE IT!!!


Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

that is awesome! God is so good! i will have to remember that ear oil when my kids get aear ache, my mom used to put olive oil with some kind of herbs in my ears when i was little