My Family

Monday, January 18, 2010

Skyler's 11!!

The day is almost over, but I at least I made it! Happy birthday baby girl! 11 years ago my labor started at 10:30 last night. Your dad and I headed to the hospital around midnight. We were there for a couple of hours while the nurses and I argued about how much time I had left. The RN that was on duty decided to release me against my better judgement. So around 2:30 we headed back home. From the hospital to our apartment it was about a 20 minute drive and by the time we got home and got settled it was after 3:00 in the morning. I continued to have labor pains and after being home for only 30 minutes I woke your dad up and told him we needed to head back to the hospital. He went into the front room to get his shoes and by the time he came was too late. I told him we weren't going to make it to the hospital and he needed to call 911. He thought that I was joking...but it was NO joke. It was about 4:00 now and he was on the phone with the 911 operator and you were well on your way. You made your grand entrance at 4:15. You weren't breathing right away so your dad had to use his finger to clean out your mouth, he was also instructed to find a shoe lace or a string and tie off the umbilical cord. I have never seen a shoe unlaced so quickly in my life. You were crying and breathing and everything was good. At about 4:25 the fire dept. and the paramedics arrived. They were very shocked to see that you had already arrived. It was an experience that I will never forget. You have always had your own way of doing things and you definately made a memorable entrance. You made the front page of the local section in our newspaper, your story was talked about on most of the radio stations and the t.v. show Extra came up from LA to do a story on us and unite us with the 911 operator who coached your dad through everything on the phone. Your birth was special and unique and so are you Skyler Michelle. Mommy loves you!!